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Message from George Thomson

George ThomsoI’m truly honoured to be chairing Ontario’s Citizens’ Assembly. This historic exercise will broaden the democratic process and potentially shape the rules under which Ontario’s democracy is practised. I am proud and excited to be a part of it.

The Citizens’ Assembly process will invite Ontarians to consider something that is at the very foundation of democratic government – the way we elect those who represent us.

Ontarians have never had this kind of opportunity before. It's an opportunity to get more directly involved in our democracy. An opportunity to learn, listen, and debate together on our electoral system, and chart our course for the future.

At the centre of the process will be the 103 people who are randomly selected to sit as members of the Assembly. But this process will be about more than just them. As they consider whether to recommend that Ontario keep its current electoral system or adopt a new one, they will be taking into account what they hear from people all across this province.

So this process will involve all Ontarians. The more people participate – through our consultations, our Citizens’ Assembly web site, and other strategies we will be developing – the more meaningful the Assembly’s recommendation will be. I want to make sure the Assembly hears from as many citizens as possible, representing all points of view.

Please join us on this historic journey.

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