Selection Process

A Diverse Group of Ontarians

The Citizens’ Assembly had 104 members: one citizen from each of Ontario’s ridings, plus a Chair appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

52 of the members of the Assembly were female, and 51 were male. At least one member of the Assembly was Aboriginal.

No previous knowledge or experience about electoral systems was required in order to participate; Assembly members learned about different electoral models during an extensive learning phase.

Participation was completely voluntary. Members were compensated for their participation.

How Members Were Selected

Members of the Assembly were selected at random by Elections Ontario from the Permanent Register of Electors of Ontario. Every registered voter in Ontario was eligible to participate, with a few exceptions, such as elected officials.

Citizens who were randomly selected received a letter from Elections Ontario asking them to respond if they were interested in sitting on the Assembly.  From the approximately 12,000 who responded, about 1,200 were invited to attend selection meetings across the province.

At each selection meeting Elections Ontario explained the random selection process and a representative from the Citizens' Assembly Secretariat provided details about serving on the Assembly.  Attendees then decided whether to put their names into a ballot box from which one member and two alternates were selected.