The Classroom

Welcome to the Classroom! Here you will find everything members of the Citizens’ Assembly used to learn about electoral systems.

Just as in any other classroom, you will find a wide variety of learning materials.

These materials were developed by the Academic Director, in conjunction with the Learning Team, for the specific purpose of helping to teach you about different families of electoral systems. We made an effort to select materials that, as a group, do not favour one system over another.

Because we recognize that not everyone is familiar with electoral systems we have included a wide range of materials. This way you can select the materials that suit you best as you progress in your learning.

Like any good classroom, we want to provide you with a comfortable learning environment, one that responds to the diverse learning needs of Citizens’ Assembly members and the broader public.

The Classroom is also meant to be a space where you can give us your feedback on how we are doing. Below each document you will find a link to our “bulletin board.” This is the place where you can give us your thoughts, praise or criticism on any of the materials. We have tried to create an open and inclusive space for genuine dialogue, and hope that you participate in that spirit!