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Selection meetings complete!


The last ten Assembly members were selected at meetings in North Bay, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Timmins and Thunder Bay this weekend.

The Assembly members form a diverse group that includes people who were born and raised in Ontario and new Canadians, young and more seasoned electors, teachers and entrepreneurs, homemakers and athletes, artists and students. Visit our [Meet the Members] section to learn more about the 103 members of the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly.

The interest and enthusiasm shown by the newly selected members was reflected across the north as their names were drawn:

“I’m excited to represent my age group—this is a stepping stone to learning more about politics,” said Jordan Elliott, representing the riding of Parry Sound-Muskoka.

“A case can be made for change, but whether that case is strong enough remains to be seen,” said Richard Bowdidge, representing the riding of Nickel Belt.

“I am honoured to represent the citizens in my area,” said Pamela Patterson, representing the riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North.

At the selection meeting in Sudbury, George Thomson, Chair of the Citizens’ Assembly said, “On behalf of the Citizens’ Assembly Secretariat I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to Elections Ontario for managing the selection process so efficiently and with such enthusiasm.”

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