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From the Chair

George ThomsonThe Citizens’ Assembly successfully modeled a new kind of democratic decision-making unprecedented in Ontario. It demonstrated the value of involving citizens in important policy questions. I was privileged to witness the extraordinary capacity of citizens when given the chance to contribute so directly to the democratic process.

Today, with the submission of the Assembly’s report, One Ballot, Two Votes, my work as Chair comes to an end. And, with the submission of our report, your work begins. Many of you have followed the Assembly process from its inception, others joined in somewhere along the way. All of you will have a choice to make on October 10, 2007 and my hope is that every Ontarian will have the opportunity to make an informed decision.

Take advantage of the resources available to you on our site: those about the decision and those that the Assembly used to learn about other electoral systems. Learn, discuss and deliberate and then decide what you think is best for Ontario—our current system or the Mixed Member Proportional system the Assembly designed.

That the Assembly was given direct access to Ontarians in the form of a referendum is unprecedented. It’s up to you to make the most of the opportunity we’ve been given.

George Thomson
George Thomson

Progress update

The Final Report and Other Resources

The Assembly’ report, One Ballot, Two Votes (pdf), and other resources, including a video message from the Assembly (coming soon) and a brand new Billy Ballot (coming soon) are available on our site.

Also available is a background report, Democracy at Work: the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform (coming soon), which provides detailed information on the Assembly process and a technical description of the new system. Watch the site for Citizen Deliberative Decision-making, an independent evaluator’s report of the Assembly process which will be posted shortly.

To request a printed copy of the reports, or a copy of the brochure with highlights of the Assembly’s recommendation, visit a ServiceOntario/Government Information Centre or call the Citizens’ Inquiry Bureau at 416-326-1234, toll free at 1-800-267-8097, TTY at 416-325-3408.

To order these publications in alternative formats or to request multiple copies, contact Publications Ontario. Phone orders can be placed at 1-800-668-9938, TTY-only toll free, 1-800-268-7095.

Don’t forget to visit TVO’s Citizens’ Assembly micro-site to access video of Assembly meetings, reports on public consultation meetings, member profiles and more.

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