General Questions

Why do I get two votes?

The first vote on the ballot allows you to choose a party. This vote determines the total share of seats each party gets in the legislature. The second vote allows you to choose an individual member to represent your local district. Together, the two votes give you strong local representation and produce fairer election results.

What other countries use a Mixed Member Proportional system?

Germany has used the system since 1949. In 1993, New Zealanders voted in a referendum to change their electoral system from Single Member Plurality (Ontario's current system) to a Mixed Member Proportional system. Its first election using the new system was in 1996. In the United Kingdom, Scotland and Wales have both used a Mixed Member Proportional system since 1999.

Who asked that Ontario's electoral system be reviewed?

In 2005, the Ontario legislature established an all-party committee to study electoral systems. The committee made recommendations regarding the Citizens' Assembly and the referendum. In March 2006, the government filed a regulation providing for Elections Ontario to select one citizen at random from each of Ontario's 103 electoral districts to form the Citizens' Assembly.