Stronger Representation

Guiding Principle: Effective Parties

Parties will continue to play an important role in the Mixed Member Proportional system. Parties that have clear support province-wide but do not win local seats will have a voice in the legislature.

Guiding Principle: Fairness of Representation

The Mixed Member Proportional system is likely to increase the participation of women and other underrepresented citizens in the legislature. This has been the case in countries that have adopted similar systems.

As in the current system, all MPPs serve the local needs of citizens, and may also focus on particular areas of interest to their parties or to the people of Ontario. List members will complement the work of local members on issues that may affect a region or the whole province, for example, the Northern economy, transportation in the Greater Toronto Area, or the environment. The experience in countries with Mixed Member Proportional systems shows that many list members have strong connections to specific communities or regions.

List members will also bring new perspectives into the legislature. The Assembly’s recommendations for creating lists in a transparent way will help ensure that list members represent all of Ontario’s regions and include more women and other citizens currently underrepresented in the legislature. In addition, many list members will come from smaller parties that often don’t win local seats in competition with bigger parties.